Baseball on hiatus, but not Trevor Bauer

Great to see baseball again…

On Saturday evening, over in the Cactus League, Cincinnati Reds pitcher Trevor Bauer and friends, like Cleveland Indians pitcher Mike Clevinger played sandlot baseball into the Arizona night and fans were invited to watch and listen as each player was mic’d up.

San Diego Padres outfielder Tommy Pham was captain of one team, and Bauer captain of the other.  They were joined by other major league players from teams such as the Cubs, Diamondbacks, and Indians.  Some of the notable players were:  Indians CF Oscar Mercado, Indians LHP Logan Allen, Diamondbacks LF Josh Rojas, and others who didn’t introduce themselves.

The experience was fun as they played “over the line” – there was no running to speak of, except to chase down a ball in the outfield.  Check out the game to see this exciting variation of baseball.

Bauer is also raising funds to pay game-day personnel affected by the shut down and is trying to raise $1,000,000 for the cause.  He tweeted:


Great to see baseball again, even this truncated version, but even better seeing players out supporting the cause to pay stadium workers, who will be affected by the postponement.

Author: Chris Northrop

Freelance baseball writer - let's start the Yankees' conversation!

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