New York Yankees fan thoughts on Adam Ottavino

How will the Yankees manage Ottavino in 2020?

I like to listen to Talkin’ Yanks with Jomboy and Jake and today’s episode was a player profile and projection for Adam Ottavino.  Check it out at on Youtube at

Jomboy and Jake agree with others who say that Ottavino came to be overused last season by the Yankees, and also, according to the Talkin’ Yanks guys, he became the righty specialist and seemed to perhaps even lose to confidence against lefties.

The significant point about Ottavino is that over the whole season, he was effective. Devin Fink of Fangraphs says:

Ottavino had a solid first year in New York. His 1.90 ERA was a career-best, as was his 2.5 RA9-WAR.

Ottavino’s 1.2 WAR ranked 22nd among all relievers and second on the team.

However, he’s the victim of the the what have you done for me lately mind-set because he was not effective during the postseason and that’s what’s left an impression in most Yankees’ fans minds.  Again, Fink notes:

Ottavino became the first pitcher ever with four appearances without recording an out in a single postseason.

The question of the day is then, how will the Yankees manage Ottavino in 2020?


Author: Chris Northrop

Freelance baseball writer - let's start the Yankees' conversation!

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