New York Yankees: New Season, New Blog

When the Yankees open up today against the Toronto Blue Jays in the first Spring Training game of 2020, it will mark the beginning of the 2020 campaign towards number 28.

While the injuries have already hit the team, with Luis Severino back in New York being tested for forearm soreness and Aaron Judge with shoulder issues, the game today will be a joy to players and fans alike as baseball is the official end of the winter doldrums and the beginning of spring – at least it is for die-hard baseball fans.

Looking forward to the first smack of the ball in the glove, the first crack of the bat – the first dinger of the year, which I’ll be bold and predict will come courtesy of DJ LeMahieu. Can’t wait to see where Manager Aaron Boone positions Miguel Andujar.  Am eager to know how the rotation will shake down now that Severino is out of the picture.

It is with much curiosity, enthusiasm and joy that I welcome another season of Yankees baseball.

Author: Chris Northrop

Freelance baseball writer - let's start the Yankees' conversation!

2 thoughts on “New York Yankees: New Season, New Blog”

    1. Agree 100%! I’ve always believed Monty would be the 5th starter! Garcia – can’t wait to see what kind of spring he has.


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